Mission Statement

Our objective is to write stories for LARP and tabletop games, and provide a friendly and fair roleplaying environment in which players can enjoy themselves.

Our mission statement has little to do with the actual content of the game. Player Characters (PCs) may find themselves in unforeseen situations, which may very well turn out to be completely Sick & Twisted. PCs may experience any or all of (but not limited to) the following: death, decapitation, torture, getting run over by a car, mental or physical incapacitation, unfriendliness, or downright hatred from other PCs or NPCs.

Remember, we at Sick & Twisted Productions promise you nothing…but a good death!

Throughout all of this, we ask that all Players keep in mind that it is only a game and that all of this is just for fun. After the game has finished, there should be no hard feelings carried outside of the game.


We’re ironing out the creases in not one – but TWO – games for GenCon 2007! For more details, click on the link provided under Current Projects, below.


We would like to thank all the players who made 2006 possible. Please send us your comments, questions, and requests! We are always looking for good ideas from our players. Send us a great response, and we’ll quote you on our website!

Remember, without you, none of what we do would be possible!

Current Projects

 GenCon Indy 2007

Past Projects

 Death Springs Eternal – GenCon Indy 2006

 Pirates vs. Ninjas – GenCon Indy 2005

Favorite Links

 Paying homage to White-Wolf Publishing

 Our Friends at What the Puck Productions

 More to come

A final note about Sick & Twisted games:

Character sheets, complete with brief biographies, are provided at all Sick & Twisted events. A certain amount of freebie points are left available to spend on a one-for-one basis for attributes and abilities, or for one-time only expenditures to bump willpower or the appropriate “special” (i.e. glamour, rage, gnosis, etc.) at a cost of three-for-one.


Last revised: April 2, 2007