GenCon 2007 Events


A Voice of Treason

 In the United States, the Camarilla has risen again and now dominates Kindred society. Europe, the Covenants’ homeland, is just starting to see signs of this upcoming power. As each Covenant begins preparations for the coming wave, the first Camarilla scouts arrive from overseas.

What will these scouts bring to European Kindred? A new way of life…or a rebellion to be quelled?

We have set our Sick & Twisted scene in modern-night Venice, Italy. Which side of the canal will YOU stand on?

Game Platform: White Wolf 3rd Ed. MET Vampire LARP

This will be a 3-part game run Thursday, Friday and Saturday. While it is not necessary to attend all three sessions, it is strongly advised.


FomoRi’se’ to the Top

Always wanted to be the “bad guy?” Looking for a Sick & Twisted way to kick off GenCon? Want to blow off steam after 4 days of intense gaming? We’ve got what you’re looking for!

For the uninformed and uninitiated, Fomori are Pentex’s answer to Werewolves…and Pentex doesn’t believe in 2nd place.

Set in modern-day Philadelphia, you’ll be conniving, betraying and backstabbing your way up to the top of Pentex’s corporate ladder, wreaking havoc as you go, battling any and all who oppose your goals.

This will be a combat-intensive game, presented in true Sick & Twisted style. Those with weak stomachs need not apply!

This game is for mature players only, and ID will be required.

Note that we are running this game twice. We plan to open and close GenCon 2007 with it. Although we have the same game planned, our players may drive it in different directions each time.

Game Platform: White Wolf 2nd Ed. LARP – Fomori: Freak Legion